66kv LILO D/C Panther Tower Line Virnagar – Bhadla

Client: Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd

Location: Virnagar – Bhadla

Status: Completed


66kv LILO D/C Panther tower line at 66 Kv. Kothi S/s from existing 66Kv S/C Virnagar – Bhadla line with ACSR Panther conductor (Appx. Length – 6.2 km) & Partial O/H Portion of 66Kv LILO D/C panther tower line at 66Kv Gokhalana S/s from Existing 66Kv. S/C Jasdan – Gadhadiya line with ACSR Panther conductor ( Appx. Length 0.3 km)